“Oh Dell, why must you disappoint me so?” or “Why I won’t buy Dell right now”

Update: Hello Digg

Update 2: Seems this article still gets a lot of hits. Dell doesn’t disappoint these days. They sell Ubuntu at a great price.

Even though Dell Digg is full of Linux requests, Dell utterly disappoints me in its Linux support.

Let’s give them the benefit of the doubt. With all these Linux cries from customers, maybe Dell is finally changing their tune to us who use open source software on a day to day basis. First things first, lets take the new n-series D420 and lets compare that with a windows-loaded D420. Enter doubt. Upon first opening these systems, we see that the n-series is $1252 and the windows-loaded laptop comes in at $1199. Again, let’s keep a cool head. Maybe they had to give you an upgraded video card or better wireless that has some superb Linux driver. Scroll down. This is where you start to get frustrated.

Dell’s computer with no operating system is $53 more expensive than one loaded with Vista!

This is crap! This is where anyone commenting on Dell’s Desktop Linux offering at the moment should be in outraged and call them out on this. I can see Microsoft using this to say that no one buys Linux PCs when they’re available. Again, crap! I’m going to go out on a limb and say that anyone looking to get Linux on a PC is smart enough to know that you can erase windows. And at $53 dollars more, where is the advantage of buying a PC without it?

I read this on Dell’s Linux Blog which is syndicated on Planet Fedora?! Please Dell Blog, don’t tell us about your smashing Linux deals when you know we can buy a Windows PC from you for cheaper. Why would you want to rip off the community. Furthermore, I’m buying system76.com until these practices change and would urge anyone else looking for a Linux PC to do the same. Dell could win me back. I’m a sucker for cheap prices and don’t care about support.

To sum, if you buy Dell, you support Microsoft. Even if you don’t want to. (Unless you’re a moron who wants to spend $53 for nothing on n-series) Can you really return it? That’s not good enough. I don’t want to buy it. I don’t want to support them.