Configure Remote Desktop access on Linux Mint 19.1 in one command

You want to login to your Linux Mint computer from another Windows computer or another Linux computer. RDP (Remote Desktop Protocol) works great for this. First, we just set up the server, then we connect from the client.

To set up the Server:

  • ctrl+alt+t to open a terminal, sudo echo “cinnamon2d” > ~/.xsession && apt install xrdp vnc4server xorgxrdp && inxi -i | grep v4

After it installs some things, you’ll see a readout with your IPv4 address. Make a quick note. (e.g.

To connect from another Linux Mint computer:

alt+f2, remmina and connect to your noted IP

To connect from a Windows computer:

winkey +r, mstsc and connect to your noted IP

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