Vicious Pitbulls?

I know it probably doesn’t affect most, but in Colorado we’ve had some asinine laws put into effect. I found a great little video to put things in perspective.

My dog Mason is an AmStaff, but gets banned along with all the bully breeds. Simply ridiculous!

If anyone knows how to save this video, please let me know, or send it to me somehow. I’d like to have a copy on my hard drive to show people should it ever come up.

Update: Nevermind, I have it now. (thanks aquatix)


  1. I’m an idiot… Thanks aquatix 😉 I was on windows at the time and tried “wackget” to no avail.

  2. How do I save this video???? I have two pits myself and they are my life and now they are trying to ban them. You better believe I am going to fight it with all I have.

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