I don’t know when it happened, but I recently (today) did a search for prism and found something interesting.

$ apt-cache search prism
prism – Split web applications out of the browser and run them directly on the desktop
prism-facebook – Facebook WebApp for Prism
prism-google-analytics – Google Analytics WebApp for Prism
prism-google-calendar – Google Calendar WebApp for Prism
prism-google-docs – Google Docs WebApp for Prism
prism-google-groups – Google Groups WebApp for Prism
prism-google-mail – Google Mail (GMail) WebApp for Prism
prism-google-reader – Google Reader WebApp for Prism
prism-google-talk – Google Talk WebApp for Prism
prism-twitter – twitter WebApp for Prism

So it’s only a few apps so far, but I really like this web desktop integration with Hardy.  I have to say, prism-google-talk is actually more useful than Pidgin since it has group chat support!  I look forward to a lot of new applications coming.  I assume this is easy to package as it’s just a prism launcher that specifies a website.  That said, any MOTUs feel like whipping up some of my favorite webapps in a deb?

prism-mint – mint.com WebApp for Prism
prism-hulu – hulu.com WebApp for Prism
prism-launchpad – launchpad.net WebApp for Prism  #I can’t believe this wasn’t in the list already

less popular, but still cool:
prism-adultswim – ideally would load this video app