Mozilla Prism apps now apt-gettable in Hardy

I don’t know when it happened, but I recently (today) did a search for prism and found something interesting.

$ apt-cache search prism
prism – Split web applications out of the browser and run them directly on the desktop
prism-facebook – Facebook WebApp for Prism
prism-google-analytics – Google Analytics WebApp for Prism
prism-google-calendar – Google Calendar WebApp for Prism
prism-google-docs – Google Docs WebApp for Prism
prism-google-groups – Google Groups WebApp for Prism
prism-google-mail – Google Mail (GMail) WebApp for Prism
prism-google-reader – Google Reader WebApp for Prism
prism-google-talk – Google Talk WebApp for Prism
prism-twitter – twitter WebApp for Prism

So it’s only a few apps so far, but I really like this web desktop integration with Hardy.  I have to say, prism-google-talk is actually more useful than Pidgin since it has group chat support!  I look forward to a lot of new applications coming.  I assume this is easy to package as it’s just a prism launcher that specifies a website.  That said, any MOTUs feel like whipping up some of my favorite webapps in a deb?

prism-mint – WebApp for Prism
prism-hulu – WebApp for Prism
prism-launchpad – WebApp for Prism  #I can’t believe this wasn’t in the list already

less popular, but still cool:
prism-adultswim – ideally would load this video app

4 thoughts on “Mozilla Prism apps now apt-gettable in Hardy”

  1. I hope they make a prism-yahoomessenger with voice!

    I’m having problems running ym with voice over ubuntu… unless there’s already an app that works well on ubuntu… Hmmm lemme check…

  2. I’ve created some web apps with Prism, where can I find instructions on how to turn them into .deb files and get them into an apt-getable repository?

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