What does it mean to be a responsible downloader? It means we put the least amount of strain on any one source and utilize our many ways to download.

For Upgraders:
What we’ll do is use an apt mirror. Not only will you be putting less strain on us.ubuntu.com, but you’ll probably get your updates faster.

  • System -> Admin -> Software Sources
  • Software Sources

  • Where it says Download From, choose Other…
  • Click Select Best Server
  • Upon close, you’ll be prompted to Reload, do so and enjoy your new speed

For New Users:

Earlier today, I was pulling close to 1 megabyte per second through deluge. That’s about 700 seconds or (11 minutes and 20 seconds). Ridiculus speeds through bittorrent and we’re not even asking canonical for the bandwidth. It makes me dream of torrent based apt. It’s a shame Comcast blocks torrent seeding for the most part. It looks like I can seed, but I think I can only seed to other Comcast users. Is Comcast anti-Linux?