Autobot Irony

I’m sure everyone knows that a Transformers movie is coming as a summer blockbuster.  As with most summer blockbusters, Transformers looks to be one large commercial for a host of advertisers.  I accept that this is part of our culture now and I can vote with dollars by seeing far far less movies of course, and good or bad, advertising in movies is here.

I just wonder if anyone else finds it ironic that Ratchet is an H2?  For those unaware, Ratchet is the pacifist medic of the Autobots.  I certainly find it ironic that a helper Autobot is represented by a Hummer (the car, not the other hummer).  Hummers are not helping the world in any sense.  They spew more greenhouse gas emissions and get horrible gas mileage.  Unless the H2 in the movie runs on biodiesel or electric, I’ll be chuckling to myself about the contradiction.

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  1. i always use Biodiesel on my car to help the environment. Biodiesel is cleaner and is reneweable.*'”

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